MM52 / 斯賓塞·崔特·克拉克 Spencer Treat Clark 

斯賓塞·崔特·克拉克 Spencer Treat Clark

演員 , 年齡: 32 ( 星座: 天秤座, 生肖: 兔 )
生日: 1987年9月24日 星期四
出生地: 西爾維亞
性別: , 身高: 183cm

個人簡介:   Spencer Treat Clark was born in a New York suburb, grew up in the northeast and began acting at an early age. Spencer attended high school at the Taft School, a boarding school in Watertown, Connecticut. After which, he attended Columbia University in New York City where he studied political science and economics. Despite having to take time off from school on numerous occasions in order to continue acting professionally in film and television, Spencer received his Bachelor's Degree from Columbia in the spring of...