MM52 / Natasza Urbanska 

Natasza Urbanska

女明星 , 年齡: 42 ( 星座: 獅子座, 生肖: 蛇 )
生日: 1977年8月17日 星期三
出生地: 波蘭,華沙
性別: ,

個人簡介:   Natasha Urbanska for many years trained artistic gymnastics. As a child enrolled in classes at the club Legia Warszawa. For about 10 years to be successful, including Multiple championships in Warsaw. Her coach was Irina Lortkipanidze. In 1991 he came to audition for the musical Metro Studio Buffo Theater, where he was appearing to cheer her friend, but she also stood head to head with other participants in the audition. She passed all stages, but it turned out that she was too young to perform in the theater. Af...