MM52 / 賈斯娜·弗裏茨·鮑爾 Jasna Fritzi Bauer 

賈斯娜·弗裏茨·鮑爾 Jasna Fritzi Bauer

又名: 賈斯娜·保爾
女明星 , 年齡: 31 ( 星座: 雙魚座, 生肖: 蛇 )
生日: 1989年2月20日 星期一
出生地: 德國,威斯巴登
性別: , 身高: 158cm

個人簡介:   From 2006 to 2008, Bauer was a member in the youth club of the Hessian State Theatre in Wiesbaden, Germany. [2] She then completed her acting studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts "Ernst Busch" Berlin, where she graduated, 2012.  During her study time farmer was seen at various theaters in Berlin as a guest, among other things, the Schaubühne place in Leo Tolstoy's The Power of Darkness, directed by Michael Thalheimer. The staging of the play heroes of Ewald Palmetshofer asked the Studio Theatre...