MM52 / 喬治·麥凱 George MacKay 

喬治·麥凱 George MacKay

演員 , 年齡: 28 ( 星座: 雙魚座, 生肖: 猴 )
生日: 1992年3月13日 星期五
出生地: 英國,倫敦
性別: ,

榮譽: 2014年 第34屆倫敦影評人協會獎 年度英國小演員(提名) ///
個人簡介:   In 2002, George MacKay was spotted at his school by an acting scout, who asked the then ten-year-old if he would like to audition for a role in Peter Pan (2003). He attended a workshop, quickly landing the part of one of the Lost Boys, Curly, in what was to be his first film. Soon after, he had small roles in an episode of "Rose and Maloney" (2002) and television drama Footprints in the Snow (2005) (TV). In 2005, at the age of thirteen, he won the role of Riccio in The Thief Lord (2006), the film adapta...