/ 斯加特克羅索斯 Scatman Crothers 

斯加特克羅索斯 Scatman Crothers

演員 , 年齡: 76 ( 星座: 雙子座, 生肖: 狗 )
生日: 1910年5月23日 星期一
逝世: 1986年11月22日 星期六
出生地: 美國,印第安納州,特雷霍特
性別: , 身高: 178cm

個人簡介:   可能人們更多認識他是從他出現在電影閃靈裏的男配角。他還曾在影片飛越瘋人院裏飾演夜間看守,再度與傑克尼爾克森演對手戲。  Though many people probably remember him for an appearance in the film The Shining or for his role as Louie in Chico and the Man during the '70s, Scatman Crothers had an extensive jazz and later R&B background. He performed in many clubs and on radio shows in the '20s,'30s, and '40s before making the move to television in 1948. But once he moved to acting, Crothers stayed busy the remainder of his life. He had roles in such series as The Governo...