/ 凱特琳·傑拉德 Caitlin Gerard 

凱特琳·傑拉德 Caitlin Gerard

女明星 , 年齡: 30 ( 星座: 獅子座, 生肖: 龍 )
生日: 1988年7月26日 星期二
出生地: 美國,加利福尼亞州,洛杉磯
性別: , 身高: 170cm

個人簡介:   Caitlin Gerard grew up in Los Angeles. Attending the Lycee International from an early age, Caitlin is multilingual and fluent in German, French and English. Currently, she is majoring in Theatre and Creative Writing at UCLA and has been enrolled at The Beverly Hills Playhouse for the past three years.  Caitlin can be seen in David Fincher’s The Social Network. She has done various print campaigns including Abercrombie & Fitch, American Rag and Hollister and recently completed commercials for Allstate,...