/ 來自海濱的問候 Greetings from the Shore (2007) 

來自海濱的問候 Greetings from the Shore (2007)

IMDB 評分: 6 分 ( 439 票 ) ;
導演: ;
北美票房: $96314美元 出品公司: Greetings From The Shore, 國家: US, 語言: EN
影片時長: 116 分鐘 , 電影分級: R

簡介:   Synopsis:   In this summer romance set on the Jersey shore, a young woman (newcomer Kim Shaw) is surprised by love just before she leaves for college. But her experiences go beyond her newfound relationship, and she meets a fascinating group of characters, played by actors such as Paul Sorvino and Jay O. Sanders. GREETINGS FROM THE SHORE is based on screenwriter Gabrielle Berberi......