/ 城堡 The Castle (1997) 

城堡 The Castle (1997)

又名: 小時代1.0折紙時代 | 小時代電影版 | Tiny Times 1.0
IMDB 評分: 7.7 分 ( 13653 票 ) ;
導演: ;
北美票房: $861789美元 出品公司: Working Dog, 國家: AU, 語言: EN
影片時長: 85 分鐘 , 電影分級: R

簡介:   A Melbourne family is very happy living where they do, near the Melbourne airport (according to Jane Kennedy, it�s �practically their back yard�). However, they are forced to leave their beloved home, by the Government and airport authorities. �The Castle� is the story of how they fight to remain in their house, taking their case as far as the High Court....