/ 欲望大酒店 Rossini (1997) 

欲望大酒店 Rossini (1997)

IMDB 評分: 6.4 分 ( 1695 票 ) ;
導演: ;
出品公司: Bavaria Film, 國家: DE, 語言: IT
影片時長: 114 分鐘 ,

簡介:   Jakob Windisch has written THE number one bestselling novel. Since he is very shy, no-one has seen him except Uhu Zigeuner who is the designated director of the film adaption. Zigeuner is on the hunt for the woman of his dreams, a woman who should also play the main role in the film. Meanwhile, ruthless producer Oskar Reiter wants to buy the film rights at all costs - and he is......