/ The Dana Carvey Show (1996) TV 

The Dana Carvey Show (1996) TV

又名: The Dana Carvey Show Sponsored by Pepsi | The Diet Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show | The Mountain Dew
IMDB 評分: 7.2 分 ( 443 票 ) ;
出品公司: Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, 國家: US, 語言: EN
影片時長: 30 分鐘 ,

簡介:   A Saturday Night Live alum, Dana Carvey brings his talent for sketch comedy to his own show with "The Dana Carvey Show." Not afraid to be lewd, crude, shrewd, or sophisticated, Dana Carvey and his team (mostly talented unknowns) embark upon a quest to lampoon the President, their sponsors, C-SPAN, and pop culture with their inventive and wacky skits....