/ Alice In Acidland Alice in Acidland (1969) 

Alice In Acidland Alice in Acidland (1969)

又名: Alice Goes to Acidland
IMDB 評分: 3.7 分 ( 421 票 ) ;
導演: ;
出品公司: Unit Ten Productions, 國家: US, 語言: EN
影片時長: 55 分鐘 , 電影分級: UNRATED

簡介:   級別:Unrated   A hippy, trippy LSD film from the Summer of Love that follows Alice, an innocent college girl, on her downward spiral into the erotic world of sex and drugs. Alice is led astray by the "joints of pot" her lusty friend Freida uses to seduce her into a web of lesbian pleasure. Alice gets sucked down a rabbit hole of pleasure-seeking as she partakes in nude pa......