/ 裸體餐館 The Nude Restaurant (1967) 

裸體餐館 The Nude Restaurant (1967)

IMDB 評分: 6.1 分 ( 84 票 ) ;
導演: ;
出品公司: Andy Warhol Films, 國家: US, 語言: EN
影片時長: 100 分鐘 ,

簡介:   At a New York City restaurant, the patrons are men, nude but for a G-string, waited on by one woman, also clad in a G-string (played by Viva) and a G-bestringed (bestrung?) waiter. Some of the "nude" patrons leave the establishment, their places taken by new customers, also nearly in the buff. There are numerous in-camera jump cuts (known as 'strobe cuts') and the camera weaves......